Our Events

Impacting, Developing, and Educating

Each event hosted by SLIDE aims to impact the community in ways others have been unable to accomplish before. Beginning the conversation is the first step in creating change. 

SLIDE prides itself on sophomore involvement during the planning and execution of all our events. Developing a quality product to deliver to the community is the best way to educate others. 

True Life

Hear the true, unabridged stories from the brave survivors who have persevered through the atrocities of sexual assault. The SAAM subcommittee takes the lead in coordinating one of SLIDE's most impactful events. True Life is held in the fall semester annually. 


Mental Health Week

Battle the stigma surrounding mental health with a week long event on and around campus.  The RAMH subcommittee heads this event by pushing its sophomores to understand what mental health means to them. Mental Health Week is held in the spring semester annually. 


Sexual Assault Awareness Week

Sexual Assault Awareness Week educates our campus and community by providing resources on how to be an ally. The SAAM committee takes on primary responsibility for this event, but it is up to the rest of the organization to ensure it is a success. SAAW is held in the spring semester annually.